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Municipal Election 2013

This page is dedicated to providing information on the 2013 municipal elections. Below you will find the responses from the candidates to ECOHH's survey as they are received.

Summary Tables of responses to Questions on the Survey


Individual Candidate Responses to Survey

Candidates for Mayor


Candidates for City Council

Ward 1


Ward 2

Ward 3


Ward 4


Ward 5

Ward 6


Ward 7


Ward 9


Ward 10

Ward 11

Ward 12



Candidates for School Boards

Ward 76 (Catholic School Board)


Ward 77 (Catholic School Board)


Ward C (Public School Board)


Ward E (Public School Board)







Questions to ask the candidates
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Inner City Frontline Workers Questions and Concerns Document

Election Forum with Candidates for Mayor held October 8, read CBC story


City of Edmonton Election Home Page

City of Edmonton Election Maps

Where to Vote